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Regents Park Institute

About Us

Regents Park Institute, Inc., (RPI) is a research think tank established with the sole purpose of understanding why and how commercial firms, educational institutions, governments, and cause-driven non-profits succeed in reaching their optimum performance potential.

Specifically, our research focuses on identifying organizational decision-making patterns that lead into architecting and implementing superior, sustainable business models.

The key differentiator of our practice is a keen, practical understanding of how to apply a dynamic and time sensitive systems thinking. In all our research, we use an advanced, proprietary "Decision Defined Performance" software modeling tools designed to quickly recognize, quantify, and correct an impact of any undesirable patterns that interfere with the flow of information, material, skill, or funds throughout an organization. Typically, these inefficiencies are caused by a combination of problematic quality of managerial decision making, structural misalignments, or misapplication of resources.

RPI’s practice starts where a typical business education stops.

Our rich library of industry specific organizational reference frameworks and corresponding simulation models are embedded in:

  • Complete, turn-key catalog courses

  • On-demand customized training engagements

All are available on a co-marketing basis, to universities, consulting firms, and specialized training and development organizations embedded either as:

  • Executive cross-disciplinary development programs

  • Function–centric training seminars

  • Specific skill development workshops

To request more information about our programs, please contact us at:


The Regents Park Institute’s methodology has been used in classes and training courses offered by the following institutions: The University of California at Irvine, Training Courses, LLC, Pepperdine University, Chapman University, Brandman University, Concordia University


Upon completion of each course, participants will receive a Regents Park Institute Certificate of Completion issued in conjunction with its educational partner. The courses adopted and offered by universities will earn the corresponding number of continued education credit hours.

Our Team

Board of Advisors

Don Davis, Esq.: Legal Affairs

Bruce Barge, Ph.D.: Human Resources

Wing Lam: Franchise Operations

Rafael Sotomayor: Semiconductor Industry

Brian Hemsworth: Advertising and Design

Debrah Ferber, Ph.D.: Tech Coast Angels

Practice Directors

Mary Fortmeier: Retail Management

Derek Podobas: Education, eLearning, & Entrepreneurship

Sanjay Verma: Manufacturing & Assembly

Alex Michael: Information Technology & Cybersecurity

Executive Certification Program

This program consists of a comprehensive overview of integrated end-to-end reference frameworks especially developed to address the professional development needs of C-level executives.

RPI # 7814

Development and Management of High-Performance Organizations

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Professional Development Seminars

Each of our seminars represents a specific building block of the integrated reference framework. These seminars are designed to meet the professional development needs of functional managers.

RPI # 5811

Effective Product Management

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RPI # 5812

Successful Development and Management of Services

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RPI # 5813

Winning Through Competitive Advantage

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RPI # 5814

Essential Decision Support Tools for Managers

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Application Workshops

These hands-on, practical applications are customized to meet the specific skill training and development needs of individual contributors within their specific functional areas.

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RPI # 6803

New Product Innovation and Development

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RPI # 6804

Financial Analyses for Non-Financial Managers

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RPI # 6805

Team Leadership - Power through Influence

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RPI # 6806

Branding and Influencing Consumer Choice

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RPI # 6807

Mastering Project Management

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RPI # 6808

The Art and Science of Venture Funding

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RPI # 6809

Effective Forecasting Techniques

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Firm-specific consulting or training engagements can be arranged by contacting ChicagoAnalytics, a member of our family of companies.

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Regents Park Publishers

Professionals interested in self-improvement or individual career development courses can access our online curriculum through RegentsParkPublishers.

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